What is the best flooring for a cold bedroom?

Date posted: 19/01/21

Stepping out of a warm, cosy bed onto an icy cold floor is not the most pleasant way to start your day; in fact, the mere thought of it can make getting up in the morning even harder than it already is. If you have the heating cranked up and set to come on well before it is time to get up yet your floor is still freezing cold each morning, it might be time to think about new flooring. You will be amazed at how much difference this can make!

What are the best flooring options for a chilly bedroom? Read on to find out.


Carpet is a popular choice for a bedroom; however, not all carpets are created equally. A thick carpet with a plush, springy pile serves two purposes: firstly, it is soft and warm to walk barefoot on, meaning it will never feel cold, even in the depths of winter; secondly, and often overlooked, is that it is a great insulator. This will prevent any pesky draughts underfoot and could even help to reduce your heating bills. Paired with a good-quality underlay, carpet can make a world of difference to the temperature in your bedroom.

Add a rug

If you have wooden, tile or laminate flooring, love the way it looks and don’t want to replace it with carpet, adding a rug at the side of the bed is an excellent compromise. This is perfect where the room itself isn’t particularly cold but the floor is always cool to the touch.


One of the main reasons people don’t like carpet is that it isn’t always the best choice for allergy sufferers. If you or someone in your household has allergies, you will know that carpet fibres trap allergens such as dust, pollen and animal dander and can exacerbate allergies. Vinyl is a great flooring choice for allergy sufferers, as it doesn’t offer anywhere for allergens to hide; what’s more, it is warmer underfoot than other smooth floors, such as wood, laminate and tile. It also has good insulation properties and can be paired with an insulating underlay for the best warming effects. While not as warm underfoot as carpet, it is far warmer in the winter than tiles and can be teamed with a rug at the side of the bed if you want this softness and warmth underfoot in the mornings.