What is the best flooring for your basement?

Date posted: 11/01/22

Whether you call it your basement, cellar or something else, you will need to lay suitable flooring if you want to create an extra living space. Let’s take a look at some of your options, along with the pros and cons of each.

It is vital that you eradicate any damp and/or sources of moisture before installing new flooring in a basement. In older homes especially, cellars can be very prone to damp, and you are likely to need specialist help to solve the problem completely.

Vinyl Flooring

A popular choice for basements, this is available at various price points. Vinyl flooring deals with moisture and spills well It is an excellent insulator when teamed with the correct underlay; however, it can be cold to walk on barefoot, and basements and cellars tend to chilliness anyway. Vinyl is hard to beat if you want to use your downstairs room mainly for storage or intend it to be for occasional use; however, if you want it to be comfortable and warm all year round, vinyl might not be the best choice.

Laminate Flooring

Similar to vinyl, this is a popular choice for basements, but you will need to be sure there is no risk of damp before going down this route. Laminate flooring can warp in damp conditions – even laminates that are engineered to deal with wet conditions, such as those in bathrooms. Laminate is an excellent insulator against drafts and chills, but it is not warm to the touch. If you choose laminate, you will probably want to add a rug or two for a cosier and more welcoming feel. Laminate can be a great way to add a homely vibe or to tie in the room with the rest of your home if this is your usual flooring.


Providing your basement or cellar room is entirely free of damp – which is quite possible if not always easily achieved, particularly in older properties – carpet can be a great choice. It is soft, inviting and warm enough to walk on barefoot. If you plan to use your basement room as an extra living space or games room, you will want it to be warm and cosy, with carpet the best way to achieve this instantly. In properties with no damp or excess moisture in the basement, carpet is probably your best bet and will help keep the room warm all year round.