What is the best flooring for your new conservatory?

Date posted: 20/05/22

You have recently taken the plunge and decided to add a conservatory to your home. You have done the hard work of choosing the style and extras, and now it is time to finish it off before you can enjoy it. You might have ideas about how you want the flooring to look, but which type of flooring is the most practical? Let’s take a look at three of the most popular conservatory flooring options and the pros and cons of each.


Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. It looks attractive, perfectly mimicking the appearance of wood; it is available at a range of price points; and it is hardwearing and low-maintenance. It is also resistant to UV rays, which is important in a sunny conservatory. If you want a cosier vibe, simply add a rug. Laminate is available in a huge range of finishes and colours, meaning you will have no trouble finding your perfect style. Laminate doesn’t have many cons, although you will want to ensure you choose one that can cope with high levels of moisture if you are worried about wet feet coming in straight from outside.


Another excellent choice, it is hard to find a more durable and low-maintenance flooring. Vinyl flooring is available in a limitless variety of colours and styles, meaning you can replicate anything from real wood to stone or opt for a more contemporary and vibrant finish. It is easy to clean and will be able to cope with all the muddy and wet footprints you can throw at it. While it is not warm to walk on in cooler months, you can easily add a rug for a cosy touch. There aren’t many cons when it comes to vinyl – it just comes down to your own preferences.


Carpet’s main advantage is that it instantly adds warmth and a welcoming feel. Carpets are soft and warm to walk on all year round, which is perfect if you intend to use your conservatory even in the depths of winter. It also creates the feeling that you are in another room of the home rather than an ‘outdoor room’ – if this is what you want, carpet is a great choice. One negative aspect of carpet is that it is not the best option for conservatories that are likely to have a constant stream of feet – and perhaps paws – traipsing in from the garden. Be sure to add a sturdy doormat outside and another inside the door, and encourage everyone to remove their shoes.