Which flooring is best for a hot conservatory?

Date posted: 24/07/19

It might only be spring but much of the country has been enjoying unseasonably warm weather. Many are already speculating that this summer could be similar to the heatwave of 2018, which led to uncomfortable conditions for lots of us. As the room that tends to experience the most dramatic temperatures in the home, the conservatory has different flooring requirements to most other living spaces. If you are wondering what type of flooring is best for a sunny conservatory that hits high temperatures during the summer months, read on.

Laminate flooring

This all-rounder is suitable for most rooms in the house and can cope well with a sunny conservatory. Modern laminates are very resistant to both UV rays and heat, meaning your flooring should stand up well to the sometimes extreme conditions in your conservatory. It is also hardwearing, so will fare pretty well with household members and pets walking dirt in from the garden. Laminate is not cold to the touch in winter in the same way as tiles, but you can add a warm rug during the cold months if you want to add an element of cosiness.


Carpets might be your preferred choice during the winter, but it is not ideal for conservatories that get a lot of sun and reach high temperatures in the summer. Not only will it make your conservatory feel even warmer but also it will fade in bright sunshine over time, making it look shabby. While some carpets are more resistant to UV rays than others, anyone who has moved furniture in a sunny, carpeted room will know how dramatic the fading effects of the sun can be.


This is one of the best choices for a hot, sunny conservatory. Tiles will help to keep your conservatory cool on warm days, although they can become hot to the touch if exposed to prolonged and strong sunlight. Tiled floors in shaded parts of the conservatory will feel cool underfoot and will help to keep the room at a more comfortable temperature during the evening hours.


Vinyl is a great choice for a hot, sunny conservatory. It is affordable, soft underfoot, won’t get too hot in sunlight, and is very durable. Just make sure you choose flooring that has good resistance to UV rays to avoid fading in direct sun. Most modern vinyl’s are fade-resistant, meaning they will look as good as new for years to come.