Wood-effect flooring for bathrooms

Date posted: 17/04/18

Hardwood flooring is a style classic and a firm favourite amongst homeowners all over the world. It is naturally hardwearing, beautiful and extremely versatile, making it suitable for most rooms in the home. It is not ideal for areas of high humidity, however, and does not work well in bathrooms in particular. For a long time, this meant homeowners who wanted the look of wood in their bathrooms had to deal with the problems high moisture levels caused for wooden floors or simply choose another flooring option. Luckily, advances in non-slip flooring, vinyl and laminate flooring mean any home can now enjoy the look and feel of wood in any room.

Laminate flooring for bathrooms

Early laminates often did not bear much more than a passing resemblance to the real thing. They were certainly fairly attractive, and worked well in many homes, but they were unlikely to be mistaken for hardwood flooring. They were also not suitable for use in bathrooms, as they were not water-resistant. These days, however, laminates are practically indistinguishable from real wooden floorboards. The attention to detail on many lines of laminate flooring means it is almost impossible to tell you are not looking at the real deal. Many laminates even feel just like wood, thanks to clever finishes and texturing. While not all laminate flooring is suitable for use in bathrooms, many, many lines are. This means you can now get the look of wood in your bathroom without worrying about water damage.

Vinyl flooring for bathrooms

Vinyl flooring has long been a popular flooring choice for bathrooms; however, the sophisticated vinyl planks and tiles available today are a far cry from the sheet vinyl popular in the 1970s and 80s. Lots of modern-day vinyl flooring looks so much like the ceramic or wood it is replicating that it is impossible to tell the difference until you touch it! Vinyl flooring is still available on rolls; however, much of the highest-quality flooring is supplied in planks, much like laminate. Vinyl is so versatile that it is possible to achieve just about any colour, pattern or texture you can think of, making it easy to get that bleached pine finish or rich, varnished oak look.

Another great advantage of vinyl is that it is generally far more affordable than other types of flooring, making it ideal if you are on a budget. It is also easy to install, meaning that many homeowners will be able to lay it themselves and save paying out for a professional.