Keeping your laminate floor looking as good as new

Date posted: 26/02/20

If you are gearing up for your big spring clean, no doubt the floors will be getting special attention, but what is the best way to keep your laminate flooring clean all year round? As with so many things, prevention is better than cure and there are lots of things you can do to ensure your laminate stays looking good for years and never gets too dirty.

Use doormats to prevent scratches

Wherever possible, avoid wearing shoes inside the house. Even if you think your shoes are clean, tiny pieces of gravel and debris can easily get stuck in the grips of footwear and find their way onto your laminate. While modern laminates are tough and durable, they can still be damaged by sharp materials. Place doormats at every entrance to the home and get into the habit of removing your shoes when you get home; after all, slippers are far more comfortable to wear around the house!

Use the correct vacuum attachment

How many of us just use the same vacuum attachment no matter which room we are cleaning? Depending on how new your vacuum is, it might have come with instructions about which attachment to use on laminate flooring or other hard floors. If you are careful, you can vacuum laminate flooring every day without damaging it, but make sure you are using the best attachment for the job. Many modern vacuums have a hard floor setting and the instructions will advise you how to get the best results. Next time you are in the market for a new vacuum, check which models are best for laminates.

Mop regularly

Unless your home gets a lot of dirty foot traffic – if you have pets, for example – mopping every couple of weeks should suffice. A squeegee mop is generally best for laminate, as you can squeeze almost all of the water out of it before using. Don’t be tempted to use a traditional mop, as these hold a lot of water that can seep into the joins between laminate planks and cause problems.

You don’t need to buy specialist floor cleaner, although you can if you prefer. Heavily-diluted dishwashing liquid is fine for most clean-up jobs in the average home. If you want to add shine, you will find specialist laminate products that will do this for you.