Keeping your laminate floors looking shiny and new

Date posted: 05/03/18

One of the top reasons people choose to install laminate flooring – besides it being attractive and available at all price points – is because it is relatively low maintenance. It is hardwearing and difficult to stain, stands up to heavy foot traffic reasonably well, and many types can handle frequent spillages and humid environments; however, over time, it can become dull and begin to lose some of its appeal. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your laminates looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Avoid over-sweeping

While the occasional going over with a soft broom or a dustpan and brush won’t cause any serious damage, frequent brushing with a heavy broom can cause scratching and dull the surface of your laminate, especially if you are dragging debris across the floor and being heavy-handed while you do so. It is all too easy for tiny stones, pieces of gravel and other debris to be trodden in from outdoors, whether by members of your family or your pets. In addition, sweeping will not remove all the debris and dust from your floor, so it won’t be as clean as it could be.

Invest in a dry mop

Dry mops, or dust mops, are perfect for laminate floors. They attract dust and small bits of dirt, leaving your floor clean and dust-free. They are soft, so they won’t scratch your laminate, and they are great for people with allergies, particularly if you follow the dry mopping with a quick wipe with a damp – not wet – mop or cloth to pick up any allergens that have been left behind.

Use the correct vacuum attachment

Most vacuums come with various attachments for different jobs – you will usually have at least one carpet attachment, one for hard floors, one for crevices, and another for upholstery. Check the user manual to find which attachment the manufacturer recommends for laminate floors and follow any relevant instructions or tips. Using the wrong attachment could scratch your floor, ruining the finish and instantly ageing it.

Go easy on the liquid

Although many laminates are suitable to be used in areas of high humidity and with a high risk of splashes and spills, you should never leave water standing on the floor for any longer than is unavoidable. If you have laminate in your bathroom, dry it off with a towel every time you step out of the shower. Water can eventually seep into the gaps between the planks and can cause warping and discolouration.