Laminate floor cleaning tips

Date posted: 02/05/17

Laminate flooring is generally very easy to maintain and clean; however, if you want to keep it looking brand new for as long as possible, here are a few tips.

Don’t use too much water

Even laminates designed for high-moisture rooms – such as bathrooms or kitchens – should not generally be left wet for too long. If you are using water to clean your floor, use as little as possible and dry up any residue as quickly as possible. Damp mops and cloths are always better than dripping wet ones.

Invest in a microfiber mop

These are readily available and are a godsend if you need to quickly clean your floor of dust and debris. A microfiber mop can be used dry and will attract any dust and other small particles. If you want to use a more traditional method, or your floor needs a more thorough clean, simply dampen your mop, wring it out, and mop as usual. Microfiber mops are very gentle and won’t scratch or otherwise damage your floor. The fact they can be used wet or dry makes them very versatile and a cleaning cupboard staple for many homes.

Avoid using traditional mops that hold a large volume of water – too much water is never good for your laminate flooring and can cause it to warp.

Use the correct vacuum attachment

While it is fine to use a vacuum cleaner on your laminate, you should only use recommended attachments. Other fittings might scratch or damage your floor, or at the very least fail to properly clean your floor. Many vacuum cleaners now come with a selection of attachments to allow them to be used on both carpets and laminates or wooden flooring, so check what is included when you are hunting for a new model.

Only use recommended cleaning products

It can be tempting to use whatever you happen to have in your cleaning cupboard, especially when you are confronted with an unsightly stain or spill and you are worried about cleaning it up as quickly as possible; however, many generic cleaning products are not suitable for use on laminate flooring and can permanently damage or discolour your floor. Ensure you always have a cleaning product specially formulated for your specific type of flooring to hand. This will allow you to tackle any spills or splashes as soon as they occur and will prevent damage to your flooring.