What style of laminate flooring will suit your decor?

Date posted: 13/03/20

If you crave the look and feel of hardwood flooring in your home but it is not a practical option for budget or other reasons, laminate flooring is the answer to your prayers. Available in a limitless number of colours, finishes, widths and styles, it is versatile, easy to install, and far more affordable than solid wood flooring. What style should you go for to complement your home decor? Here are three different looks you can go for to create a warm, welcoming finish in any space.


If your tastes run to simple, country styles, this look is perfect for you. Medium-dark coloured laminates work well with rustic decor. If your room has exposed brick and beams, even better – you can choose a laminate that complements the wood of the beams for a harmonious finish. Textured surfaces will add interest to your flooring and make it look even more like the real wood floor you are attempting to replicate, so look for laminates with a textured finish as opposed to those that are completely smooth. You might also prefer to choose flooring with the appearance of lots of knots and other interesting features.


The trend for all things Scandi is showing no sign of slowing down, with the cosy Nordic look perfect for creating a welcoming home. The classic Scandi look has light wood floors, so think beech or pale pine. These lighter-coloured laminates are ideal for brightening up a dark space; alternatively, if you find the look too harsh, you can break up the floor with soft, luxurious rugs. This look is great when paired with plain white walls, squishy sofas and lots of colourful cushions. Darker laminates can also work; however, unless your room is very well lit by natural light, you might end up finding it a little too dark if you move away from the traditional Scandi flooring tones.

Sleek and minimalist

If you favour a clean, modern finish, you will want to steer away from laminates with a lot of texture. While these are great for rustic decor, stick to smooth laminates with minimal detail and pattern in the wood effect finish if you want a modern look, such as in a new-build home. Most colours will work here, with light-medium tones being the most versatile and the easiest to work into your colour scheme.