Cleaning vinyl flooring

Date posted: 15/06/18

Vinyl flooring has been enjoying increased popularity in recent years, partly due to its versatility and easy upkeep. While vinyl is an excellent and hygienic choice for any family home and can last for many years, following a few simple tips can help to keep it looking newer for longer and keep your home clean and free from dirt.

Don’t forget that using a doormat at every entrance to your home will remove a lot of potential dirt from your floors, so make sure you have some heavy-duty mats by all external doors. This should also help you to avoid scratches from sharp stones and chunks of gravel that would otherwise be trodden into your home.

Remove dirt before it gets ground in

Removing dirt as soon as it appears might sound like a hassle, but it will make your life much easier in the long run. Ground-in dirt is far harder to remove than fresh dirt and you run the risk of certain substances staining your beautiful new vinyl flooring if you leave it too long. If you clean your flooring regularly, you should find a quick wipe with a cloth or mop does the job. The longer you leave it, the more time you will have to spend scrubbing away at stubborn marks.

Use the right products

Vinyl is generally pretty hardwearing and you can use a lot of all-purpose cleaning products on many vinyl floors; however, do check before using any harsh chemical products. You don’t want to risk fading your flooring or otherwise damaging it. If you are not sure a product is suitable for vinyl, check with the manufacturer. You will also find a lot of products formulated specially for vinyl flooring.

Don’t use too much water

While vinyl has long been used in bathrooms and kitchens due to its ability to withstand constant spills and splashes, you should not leave large pools of water on your floor for long periods. While this might not affect the vinyl itself, it can seep through the floor below and cause problems with damp and damage if it finds its way to the edge of the flooring or into any seams.

Rinse well at the end

While your floor might look perfectly clean after a good going over with a mop or cloth, you can end up with an unattractive dull finish caused by soap residue if you don’t rinse it properly.