Make over your living room with vinyl flooring

Date posted: 03/11/16

If you are thinking about laying new flooring in your living room, you are probably trying to decide between carpet and wood or laminate flooring, but why not consider vinyl? After shaking off its 1970s reputation as cheap, easily-scuffed kitchen flooring, vinyl has enjoyed a huge resurgence in recent years. If you have not yet taken the time to browse the fantastic range of modern vinyls now available, you will be amazed by what is on offer; in addition, it is very likely that you will be surprised by how distinctly un-vinyl it looks.

Advantages of vinyl

Like laminates, vinyls are generally affordable and easy to care for; unlike laminates, they can withstand moisture and multiple food spillages. If you have a young family, or even pets, vinyl is an excellent choice for your living room or any other busy room in the home. Any spills can be easily mopped up with a cloth, mop or kitchen roll and won’t cause any damage or seep through any troublesome cracks.

As it is so easy to clean, it is great for homes in which hygiene is a top priority, such as anywhere with young children who spend a lot of time crawling or sitting on the floor. Vinyl can be vacuumed, mopped, swept or wiped with a cloth and you will find many of your everyday cleaning cupboard products are suitable for use with vinyl. It is easy to keep dust-free, as there is simply nowhere for dust to hide. This means that not only is it easy to keep your floor looking pristine but also it is great for allergy sufferers.

In addition, there is a huge selection of styles and finishes to choose from when you are considering vinyl flooring. If you have your heart set on a wood effect, you will be stunned by how realistically vinyls can replicate the appearance of real wood. It is often impossible to tell that it is not the real thing until you touch it; even then, you might be unsure! Softer than wood, it provides a slightly cushioned floor, much like carpet but more affordable and easier to maintain.

One of the biggest selling points of vinyl flooring is its price point. It is far more affordable than most other options but can still look luxurious and high end. It is also much warmer than laminate flooring, which is something you will welcome when walking around your home barefoot on the colder days of the year.