The advantages of vinyl flooring

Date posted: 12/07/19

If you are looking for affordable, low maintenance flooring, look no further than vinyl. It is the ultimate versatile and practical flooring for busy family homes.

Easy to clean

Vinyl is probably the easiest type of flooring to keep clean. You can vacuum it, mop it, sweep it, wipe it or scrub it. Unlike other types of flooring where you have to be careful about getting too much water on them, vinyl can cope with heavy spills and high humidity in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Water simply can’t penetrate most vinyls, making it perfect for bathrooms or shower rooms where pools of water often accumulate. This also means you can mop vinyl without worrying about drying it immediately after.

Tough and durable

Vinyl is perfect for busy rooms of the home and can last up to 10 or 20 years in many cases. Look for high quality and specially coated vinyls if you need something particularly hardwearing. One of the biggest risks to vinyl flooring comes from sharp objects, such as sharp pieces of grit or gravel trodden in from outside. If you use doormats to limit the chance of this happening, there is little else that can damage your floor in everyday life.


Vinyl is highly affordable; however, this does not mean you have to compromise on appearance. Modern vinyls are available in an endless variety of colours, styles and finishes, making it easy to perfectly replicate the look of wood, tiles or laminate. It is often impossible to tell that a floor is vinyl until you touch it, enabling you to get the look you have always wanted without breaking the bank. It is also easier to lay vinyl flooring than carpet, wood or even laminate in many cases. The chances are that if you are a moderately experienced DIYer, you will be able to do it yourself, saving on installation costs.


Vinyl is comfortable to walk on and is warmer than tiled floors, which is something you will be very glad of in the depths of winter. It is also available in different thicknesses and with different types of underlay, so you can make it extra padded if you choose. This is great for homes with small children, as it provides a cushioned surface for them to fall over onto or to sit and play on. It is also great if you want a quieter home, as it muffles footsteps and other sounds.