The dos and don’ts of vinyl flooring

Date posted: 24/11/23

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners, and it is not hard to see why. A great alternative to carpet or laminate floors, vinyl flooring is practical, easy to clean and budget-friendly. Vinyl flooring is easy to install and to maintain, and at Carpet Design and Flooring in Liverpool, we have a fantastic and varied range for you to explore.

Once your new vinyl flooring is in place, however, you’ll want to keep it looking as good as possible. Here are the dos and don’ts of vinyl flooring.


– Damp mop your vinyl flooring. Soaking a vinyl floor can cause severe damage, but a mop dampened with warm water is an effective way to keep it clean. You may even want to use two mops, one for applying a suitable gentle soap solution and another for washing it away thoroughly.
– Clean up any spillages as soon as possible. If liquids are left to puddle on a vinyl floor for a prolonged period, it can cause longer-term damage. It may even cause the edges of the vinyl flooring to curl up.
– Use protectors on the bottom of furniture. Heavy furniture without protectors can cause vinyl flooring to dent. Dust and particles can accumulate under furniture too, and scratch vinyl flooring if the furniture is pushed or pulled across the room.
– Sweep vinyl before mopping. This gets rid of any loose dirt and grime which could scratch your floor when mopping. Try to sweep every day if possible.
– Keep pets’ nails trimmed. Longer nails could scratch vinyl flooring and cause permanent damage.


– Use an abrasive scrubbing tool or detergent on your floor. Over time, abrasive cleaning tools and products will cause your vinyl floor to become damaged and faded.
– Drench your floor with water when cleaning. Vinyl flooring should not be drenched with water as this could seep into the corners and loosen the glue which holds it in place. It could also cause the edges of the flooring to curl up.
– Use intense heat. Avoid using hot water or a steam cleaner on your vinyl floor as this will cause damage. Instead, use a damp (not soaking) mop with warm water.
– Use wax polishes on vinyl. These can make vinyl flooring sticky and once applied, are difficult to remove. Waxing can also cause your vinyl flooring to fade.

Why not contact Carpet Design and Flooring to find the perfect vinyl flooring for your home – before following our top tips to keep it looking amazing?