Top tips for cleaning your vinyl flooring

Date posted: 02/07/20

Vinyl flooring is hugely popular thanks to its durability, versatility and affordability – and that’s before we start talking about the almost limitless range of colours, styles and designs it is available in! Many people choose vinyl flooring because it is easy to care for and can be a hygienic alternative to other types of flooring, making it perfect for busy homes or those with allergy sufferers. Although it is generally extremely easy to care for and to keep clean, here is a list of some basic do’s and don’ts to help keep your floor looking its best for longer.


  • Sweep or vacuum your floor regularly. This will remove dirt and debris dragged in from outside, including the sharp gravel that could damage your flooring if traipsed over it.
  • Use specially formulated cleaners once a week. While many general-purpose household cleaners will be fine on vinyl flooring, you should regularly clean it with a specialist vinyl flooring cleaning product to keep it at its best.
  • Keep pets’ claws trimmed. While vinyl is extremely pet-friendly, sharp claws can still scratch it, particularly if your pets are young or particularly excitable!
  • Remove shoes when indoors. If this isn’t possible or desirable for any reason, opt for soft-soled shoes when you are indoors. Socks, slippers or bare feet are even better.
  • Always lift furniture before moving it. Dragging furniture across the floor can damage your flooring, causing scratching and indents. Always lift any furniture you need to move, which is also better for the furniture.
  • Place a doormat at the entrance to the room – and use it. Get into the habit of using a doormat every time you enter the room to remove any debris from your feet if you are wearing shoes. Doormats are highly effective at removing those small pieces of grit and dirt brought in from outside.


  • Use steam cleaners. These can be too harsh for vinyl flooring, so only use them if the manufacturer of both the flooring and the specific steam cleaner says this is OK.
  • Use household polish. It might smell nice and provide a great sheen, but using regular furniture polish on any flooring is a bad idea. You will make your floor dangerously slippery and might even damage the finish of your vinyl flooring.
  • Wear shoes, especially high heels. These can scuff and damage your beautiful new flooring.
  • Drag furniture across the floor. Always lift furniture that is to be moved, even smaller pieces such as side tables or chairs.