Unique ideas for using vinyl flooring in your home

Date posted: 09/11/22

Vinyl has often been touted as the budget-friendly cousin of laminate flooring – even earning an unjust reputation of looking ‘cheap’. Modern vinyl flooring has progressed far from its retro counterpart. It’s well-made, stain and water-resistant, incredibly easy to install and comes in an array of designs and colours. At Carpet Design and Flooring, our cushioned and luxury Karndean vinyl options continue to be popular choices for good reason. But did you know that vinyl can be a fun design choice too? Below are some unique ideas for using vinyl flooring in your home:

  1. Realistic wood-effect kitchens: It’s well-known that contemporary laminate click flooring can look just like hardwood; but did you know vinyl can be just as stylish? We offer vinyl in realistic wood effects that will look just like the real thing, minus the added maintenance. Where you’d need to sand and re-varnish real wood every few years, our vinyl will look as good as it did on day one. Who said traditional kitchens couldn’t be achieved with vinyl?
  2. Mediterranean-style tiles: Add a touch of holiday luxury to your kitchen or bathroom with vinyl flooring inspired by encaustic cement tiles. The often vibrant colour choices (think deep blues) of these types of tiles make them a popular sight in hotter countries. Our vinyl alternatives offer the same stylish look, minus the upkeep and need for expensive professional installation that accompanies traditional tiles.
  3. Slate or concrete effects: If you’ve ever watched Grand Designs, you’ll know that slate or concrete are popular choices amongst style gurus. But while concrete can, frankly, be very cold, vinyl with the same effect will offer a warm alternative. And vinyl isn’t just nicer on your toes, but on your wallet as well, as it’s significantly cheaper than its harder counterparts. Additionally, you’ll find that our vinyl is much more stain and spill-resistant and won’t attract moisture as much.
  4. Bold patterns and colours: Where you’d be limited to natural colours if you were choosing wood or natural stone flooring, vinyl offers unlimited options. You could even mix and match vinyl tiles and create your own style, unique to your home. Why not add a bold colour vinyl to a small toilet or laundry room? Paired with neutral or white furniture, a hot pink floor might be just the ticket, and it will convey a sense of fun and character.