Vinyl flooring: the practical choice for family homes

Date posted: 18/12/15

If you automatically picture cheap 1970s lino when you think of vinyl flooring, it is time to think again. Things have moved on since the days of the thin, easily-damaged flooring that was in every bathroom and kitchen, with many modern designs mimicking wood, stone or tile so closely that it can be hard to tell the difference until you touch it. Vinyl is hardwearing, practical, versatile, easy to clean and more affordable than natural materials. Here are just a few of the advantages of vinyl flooring:

Countless design options

The variety of patterns, colours and finishes you will find vinyl flooring in is endless. In addition to solid colours, which are ideal for small spaces, you will find realistic wood-effect flooring, tiled designs and stone-effect patterns. Vinyl can also be smooth or textured, with the textured variety often giving a more expensive-looking finish. Textured or special non-slip designs are a great choice in bathrooms or any room where there is likely to be water on the floor.


Unless money truly is no object, one of the main selling points of vinyl flooring is its price. It is not only far cheaper than wooden, stone or tiled flooring but also can last for many years once laid. The number of designs available mean it is possible to find the perfect complement for every room in your home without having to compromise on style. An increasing number of homes lay vinyl in living rooms and bedrooms, as it mimics wood laminate so closely that it is often difficult to tell the difference.


Quality vinyl flooring is long-lasting and durable, making it ideally suited to busy family homes. If laid properly, it can stand up to heavy foot traffic very well. It is also more stain-resistant than many other types of flooring, meaning it won’t look tatty even after frequent spillages.


Vinyl flooring offers a hygienic option. It is extremely easy to clean − it can be mopped or wiped with a cloth − and it won’t hold on to dust or other allergens in the same way that carpet often does. Especially in the case of vinyl flooring from a roll, there are very few joins in the flooring, which means there are not many places for bacteria to settle. Vinyl flooring can also be cleaned with disinfectant products, meaning you can let children play on the floor safe in the knowledge that it is completely clean.