Why vinyl flooring is back in fashion

Date posted: 21/10/15

Once a staple in almost every family home, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl flooring fell out of favour after the 1980s and was frequently replaced by laminates and tiles. The current crop of vinyl flooring designs however, has shown that vinyl is not only a practical choice, but can also look stylish and luxurious.

There are a number of significant benefits associated with vinyl flooring. Here are just a few:


Vinyl flooring was traditionally an affordable choice and this is still true today. Modern vinyl flooring is available in a huge selection of designs and styles, and it’s possible to emulate the look and feel of wood and tiles using vinyl. This makes vinyl a great choice if your budget won’t stretch to high-end floor coverings but you still want a stylish and luxurious look in your home.

Wide variety

It’s possible to find vinyl flooring in just about any pattern, design, colour or finish these days. This means that no matter how exacting your specifications, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your home or business decor.

Simple installation

Unlike many other types of flooring, vinyl is quick and easy to install. Modern vinyl is available in traditional sheets, tiles or planks. Using tiles or planks to cover a floor is within the abilities of many homeowners, meaning you’ll save the time and money required for hiring professional fitters to install more complex floor coverings.

Low maintenance

Vinyl flooring couldn’t be easier to keep clean and looking as good as new. Forget about expensive carpet shampoos or floor polishers. Vinyl generally only needs a going over with a damp cloth or mop in order to keep it pristine. Regular sweeping also helps to remove dirt and debris and takes no time at all.


Perfect for bathrooms or other rooms where you’re likely to be barefoot, vinyl is a warm, soft surface to walk on. Vinyl provides a slightly padded feel, making it equally great for kids’ playrooms or anywhere else little ones are likely to be running around.

Moisture resistant

There is a reason vinyl was omnipresent in bathrooms and kitchens for so many years. In addition to being durable, easy to clean and pleasant underfoot, vinyl flooring is pretty much waterproof. It’s suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and any other rooms subject to moisture or spillages.