Why vinyl makes the perfect summerhouse flooring

Date posted: 07/10/19

If your summerhouse needs a makeover this year, you might be thinking about replacing the flooring. Here are a few reasons why vinyl is a top choice for your summerhouse.


Your summerhouse flooring needs to be able to withstand a lot of adverse conditions – from icy cold winters to blazing hot summers – and the constant traipsing in of mud, dirt and debris. As a result, you might be unwilling to push the boat out when it comes to your budget. Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable options for your summerhouse, meaning you won’t freeze in horror every time someone walks across it with muddy shoes.

Huge array of designs

No matter whether you prefer wood, tile or something in a fun geometric pattern, you will find your perfect match in our range of vinyl flooring. Modern vinyl flooring is available in just about every colour, finish and design under the sun. Opt for a classic wood effect if you want a traditional feel in your summerhouse or a realistic tile design for something more luxurious. If you like to put your own stamp on your summerhouse decor, you might want to choose a striking monochromatic pattern floor covering or something bright and colourful. The possibilities are endless when it comes to vinyl flooring.

Easy to clean

Vinyl is a great choice for any space that is subject to a lot of dirt or moisture. It is virtually stain- and water-resistant and could not be easier to clean. You can use many methods to clean vinyl flooring – mop, vacuum, broom, cloth – making it the perfect choice for a summerhouse. Sweep debris off with a stiff broom, soak up spills with a soft mop and buff your vinyl to a sparkling finish with a cloth. Vinyl is the ultimate in versatile and low-maintenance summerhouse flooring.

Simple to install

Most homeowners with even minimal DIY skills will be able to lay vinyl flooring. Whether you need new underlay will depend on the existing flooring and any underlay already in place. If you are not sure how to go about laying vinyl flooring in your summerhouse, our friendly and helpful staff will be able to advise you. It is also a good idea to check with the manufacturer of your preferred vinyl flooring to make sure it is suitable for your requirements before you buy.